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STAINLESS STEEL REPLACEMENT COOKING GRID FOR KMART 640-784047-110, MASTER FORGE IGS-01015J, OUTDOOR GOURMET B070E4-A, BQ06W1B, BQ070E4-A AND KENMORE 119.162310, 119.16311, 119.16311800, 119.16312800, 16311, BQ06W1B GAS GRILL MODELS, SET OF 3

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Product Description

ACADEMY SPORTS : Academy Sports B070E4-A , B070E4-A Academy Sports , B070E4-A Model , BQ06W1B Model , BQ06W1C-A Academy Sports

Fits BBQ Pro Models: BQ05041-28, BQ51009
Fits Great Outdoors Models: 432SL
Fits Kenmore Model: 119.162310, 119.16311, 119.16311800, 119.16312800, 16311, BQ06W1B
Fits Kmart Models: 640-784047-110
Fits Master Forge Models: IGS-01015J

OMAHA : BQ05041-28 Omaha , BQ06W1B Omaha
Fits Outdoor Gourmet Models: B070E4-A, BQ06W1B, BQ070E4-A

Dimensions : 18-5/8 x 7-5/16″ , 18-5/8 x 9-5/8″ Center x 18-5/8″ x 24-1/8″
Material : Stainless Steel

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