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STAINLESS STEEL HEAT PLATE FOR TURBO 720-0057, 720-0057-3B, 720-0057-4B, 750-0058-4BRB (3-PK) GAS MODELS

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BARBEQUES GALORE : Barbeques Galore CG4CKW , Barbeques Galore CG5TDN , C3BSSTP, CG3CKWN Barbeques Galore , CG5CKW Barbeques Galore , CG5CKWN Barbeques Galore, Classic XG4TCN , SKU-167782 , SKU-167797, SKU-167797 Barebeques Galore , SKU-167876 Barbeques Galore, SKU-167881, SKU-167881 Barbeques Galore, SKU-167900 , SKU-167980 , SKU-168039, XG3CKWA Barbeques Galore , XG3CKWAN Barbeques Galore , XG4CKWN , XG5CKWA Barbeques Galore , XG5CKWAN Barbeques Galore

Fits Capt’n Cook Models : CG3CKWN
Fits Coleman Models : 5100, 5110, 5300, 5310, 9990-132, 9990-132D, 9990-142, 9990-1420, 9990-646, 9991-132, 9991-142, 9992-646, 9990-141, 9990-646D, 9991-142, 9991-646, 9992-141

COOK ON : SKU-167797 Cook On , SKU-167876 Cook-on , SKU-167881 Cook on, SKU-167876
Fits Nexgrill Models : 720-0057, 720-0057-3B, 720-0057-4B
Fits Turbo Models : 720-0057, 720-0057-3B, 720-0057-4B, 750-0058-4BRB, Capt’n Cook CG3CKW, CG3CKWN, CG4CKW, CK4CKWN, CG3CKW, CG3CKWN, CG3TCBN, CG3TCBRN, CG3TCN, CG3TDBRN, CG3TDN, CG4CKW, CG4TCBN, CG4TCBRN, CG4TCN, CG4TDBRN, CG4TDN, CG5TCBN, CG5TCBRN, CG5TCN, CG5TDBRN, CG5TDN, CK4CKWN, Classic CG3TCBRN, Classic CG3TCN, CG4TCBRN, CG4TCN, CG5TCBRN, CG5TCN, XG3TCN, XG4TCN, XG5TCN, Elite CG3TDBRN, Elite CG3TDN, Elite CG4TDBRN, CG4TDN, CG5TDBRN, CG5TDN, XG3TDN, Elite XG4TDN, Elite XG5TDN, STS, 720-0057-3B, STS 720-0057-4B, STS 750-0058-4BRB, XG3TCN, XG3TDN, XG4TCN, XG4TDN, XG5TCN, XG5TDN, CG5TDBRN, Capt’n Cook CG3CKWN, Capt’n Cook CG4CKW, Capt’n Cook CK4CKWN, Classic CG4TCBRN, Classic CG4TCN, Classic CG5TCBRN, Classic CG5TCN, Classic XG3TCN, Classic XG4TCN, Classic XG5TCN, Elite CG3TDBRN, Elite CG4TDN, Elite CG5TDBRN, Elite CG5TDN, Elite XG3TDN, STS 720-0057-3B
Dimensions : 16-1/2″ x 6-1/4″
Material : Stainless Steel
Compatible Part Numbers : 9990-5511, COHP1

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