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REPLACEMENT STAINLESS STEEL HEAT PLATE FOR GAS GRILL MODELS BY COASTAL, GRILL CHEF SS525-B, SS525-BNG, SS72B, FIESTA BLUE EMBER FG50057, FG50069, FG50069S, FG500057-103, FG50057-703NG, FG50069, FG50069-U409, FG50069-U411, G500069-103, FG50069-U401, PATIO

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Product Description

Beaumark : BM64 LP
: 9900, Cruiser, Supreme

Grill Chef : SS525-B, SS525-BNG, SS72B

Grand Hall : MFA05ALP

Members Mark : M3206ALP, M3206ANG

Patio Chef : SS64, SS64LP, SS64NG

Patio Range : SK472B, CG41064

Sams Club Members Mark : M3206ALP, M3206ANG

Dimension : 14-5/8″ X 3-7/8″
Material : Stainless Steel
Compatible Part Numbers: SCHP1, P01708004A, JDFT001, PO1708004A, MCM90041, POPO1708004APO, P01708004A, MCM90041, P0P01708004AP0
Part Type : Heat Plate, Heat Shield, Heat Tent, Burner Cover, Vaporizor Bar, Flavorizer Bar, Flame Tamers, Heat Flame, Heat Radiants, Rock Grates, Angles

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