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Replacement 2 Pack Cast Iron Cooking Grates For Master Chef G45301, G45302, G45309 Gas Grill Models



Fits Master Chef G45301, G45302, G45303, G45304, G45306, G45306LP, G45307, G45307N, G45308, G45309, G45311, G45312, G45313, G45314, G45315, G45316 
Fits Master Chef: 85-3040-4, 85-3041-2, 85-3044-6, 85-3045-4, 85-3098-8, 85-3099-6, 85-3106-0, 85-3107-8, E480, E500
Fits Master Chef G45312
Fits Master Chef 85-3040-4, Master Chef 85-3041-2, Master Chef 85-3044-6, Master Chef 85-3045-4, Master Chef e480, Master Chef e500
Fits Coleman g52206n,
Cuisinart 85-3058-4, Cuisinart 85-3059-2, Cuisinart g52503, Cuisinart g52504
Product Dimensions : 18 3/8″ x 25 1/4″ (18.375″ x 25.25″) (12-5/8″Each Grid)
Material: Cast Iron

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