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4 PACK STAINLESS STEEL HEAT PLATE FOR BBQTEK GSF2616AC BOND GSF3016E, BROILCHEF GSF2616AK, PRESIDENTS CHOICE SSS34146TCS & TERA GEAR TG 12012504 – TG 14013002, TG 14013002, NG 964973, TGBBQ-14-3002, TG 13013003, NG 383545, TG 13013010 NG 936967, TG 130130

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Product Description

Replacement Stainless Steel Heat Plate (Heat Shield, Heat Flame, Flame Tamer, Heat Radiants, Heat Tent, Burner Cover, Vaporizor Bar, Flavorizer Bar)

Fits BBQ Tek Models : GSF2616AC, GSF2616AK, GSF3016E, GSF3016H, GSF3916D, SSS3416TB, SSS3416TC, GSF2616AD-1

Fits Bond Models : GSF2616AC, GSF3016E

Fits BroilChef : GSF2616AC-1 , GSF3016E, GSF2616AK

Fits Perfect Flame : GSF3016A, 296448

Fits Presidents Choice Models : SSS3416TCS, SSS3416TCSN, PC 10011023 – NG 606986 – 8269011, PC 10011024 – NG 817258

Fits Tera Gear Models: GSF2616AC, GSF391, GSF3916D, TG12012504, TG14013002, TG14013002, NG964973, TGBBQ-14-3002, TG13013003, NG383545, TG13013010, NG936967, TG13013011, NG 771636, TG12012602, NG936654, 14013009, 14013009

Dimensions : 14″ x 4″
Compatible Part Numbers: 93411, BBTEKHP1, MCM93411

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